Conquering The World, One App At A Time

We have a passion for creating products that lots of people all over the world will use. So far, we’ve focused on mobile: 20+ apps and 380 million downloads are just the beginning. Below, you’ll find a few examples of our products.

Splice The Powerful, Portable Editing Suite.

A picture speaks a thousand words. A video speaks a million. In the influencer era, visual content is king, and speed is everything. Experiences are posted, shared, discussed in seconds, all over the globe. So we set out to combine the strength of desktop-class video editing software with the simplicity of mobile. Powerful and portable. Intuitive and instant. Enter Splice.

Splice brings expert-level video editing to mobile. Every element, from the custom iconography to the stunning interface, has been lovingly designed to give mobile users a way to shoot it, shine it, and share it in a flash. Beginner or pro, editing gorgeous videos is now for everyone.

Awesome app by cbntl87
This is hands-down the best video editing app I have ever used on my iPad. It is simple and powerful, and it gets the job done. This app needs to be #1 on the video editing list in the app store.
#loveit by superLOVEsofi
Splice is super amazing. I love making videos with my family and then on Splice i like to add effects and music. Get Splice. Your life will change with video making 👍❤️❤️👍
Super easy to use! by jazzygracie
Super easy to use, I am always making YouTube videos and Splice makes editing fast, easy, and fun. I prefer this app over the many others I’ve tried. I could easily edit videos in my sleep with splice. The thing I most like though is how much music there is to choose from, for the background. They have all types of fun music to choose from!
Awesome!! by casaracreditgirl
Splice is a wonderful app for video editing and it comes in handy various time. I personally love it because it is so helpful as well as so easy to manage. Splice has changed my life.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Accepted.

One of the best feelings about creating apps is when they can make a concrete, positive impact on users' lives. This is definitely the case with 30 Day Fitness, the personal trainer in your pocket. The app boasts 400+ workouts, and each individual exercise features both an expert-led how-to video and clear written instructions. A set of workout plans tailored to different disciplines or muscle groups help our users get the best out of its huge library.

Given the sheer volume of content and the requirement to make it possible for non-techies to keep it up to date, we created Emporium, our own Content Management System. Emporium administers all the exercise-related data in the smartest possible way, serving and caching media at the optimal, device-specific resolution, and orchestrating downloads. The result? Content that’s needed immediately, like the gorgeous, plan-specific cover images, is served at the first opening, whereas everything else is served opportunistically, right before the exercise starts. Thanks to Emporium, we keep our app binary super slim. Just like our users after 30 days.

Great Workout App! by Shaloe
I was way out of shape, and this app really helped me get into shape. It was challenging but not too hard, and always asked me at the end if it was too hard and lightened it up the next time if it was overwhelming. It is encouraging and fun to do, gives your breaks in between if you need them and let you skip them if you don’t. This is an awesome app and I highly recommend it!
Great resource!!! by Perfectminime
I was burnt out from trying to keep up with the HIIT online programs. I wanted a list of exercises and work them at my own comfort/pace. This app is great because it’s what I asked for and the best part is you can play your own music in the background. All you are getting is the move with visual and how many times to do the move. Great app!!!
48 and fabulous... by MaxineD71
All because of this easy-to-use, affordable app! I’m a busy single mom and a bit introverted, so with 30 Day Fitness, I can exercise at home. Before, I was averse to working out, but this app has changed my mind. I look forward to exercising now, and after five months of doing three workouts a week to build muscle, I look and feel better than I did in my 30s. I tell everyone about this app because I’m such a believer in it. Try it for one week and you’ll understand why so many people swear by it.
Easy to fit in to a busy life by Ajayed
I’ve struggled to keep up with regular workouts until finding this app. It’s easy to make 15 minutes or so three times a week and I’m happy To be doing something. I like that when I’m ready I can always add in other workouts for a longer workout if I do have time. I think to see results I’m going to have to add in additional time and workouts but this app allows for that flexibility, well worth it.

Yoga Wave Stretching the Boundaries.

The sequence of poses that you go through when attending a yoga class isn’t arbitrary. They stem from a well-defined set of rules. With Yoga Wave, we set out to reverse engineer yoga, breaking it down to its basic principles and building blocks. Yoga Wave takes hundreds of five-minute-long video sequences that have been shot specifically for the app, and harmoniously combines them to generate a virtually infinite variety of classes. Each one is perfectly tailored to your focus, your proficiency, and your schedule.

Designing and developing the most advanced, most intuitive, and most useful yoga app on the App Store wasn’t enough of a challenge for us. We also wanted to make it the most stunning. That’s why we’ve put a lot of love into the design and the implementation. The attention to detail, the smooth and satisfying animations, the balanced color palette—Yoga Wave is a pleasure for the eyes as well as the body and soul, helping you reach relaxation even before your next class begins.

So Interactive by hufflepuffxxo
Amazing teachers and classes with just the right amount of challenge. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone. I love it so much. So soothing yet you work up a sweat too. Wonderful creating this app. Much appreciated.
Very helpful for a beginner,I just love it by Dafa Maiga
This app is the first yoga app i will ever download and try out, it’s so amazingly helpful and wonderful. With this app, I don’t have to pay for a yoga class anymore! it’s the best choice, practical, gentle, I feel the difference on my body already.. really loving it
I feel fantastic by Treshina
I’ve completed my first lesson and I feel absolutely wonderful. Accessing customized courses from home with step-by-step audio is priceless. I look forward to my next class.
Great app! by Miss nikibee
Being in quarantine this is one way I been easing my mind! I’m a gym rat and never really did yoga but always wanted too! Being quarantine is actually benefiting me by making me try new things and this app is not only helping me stay in shape but keeps me sane as well! Thanks!

Sleep Solving the Sleep Equation.

A bad night's sleep is a true nightmare. We all need to do it daily, yet our over-reliance on technology harms our ability to switch off and rest well. But what if we could harness the power of technology to bring about better sleep? To us, it seemed to be a noble mission. So that’s what we set out to do.

Stuffed full of relaxing audio content including mellow meditations, soothing stories, and dreamy scenes, Sleep brings scientifically proven solutions to the night-time routine. Those long, fitful nights are a thing of the past. And it looks like it’s what the world was waiting for—Sleep was the most downloaded app on the planet on the day of its launch. With this app, we can all sleep better, feel better, and live better.

The best app ever by Hey its Ray Ray
I’ve been having issues lately I just can’t sleep, not even a wink and noise I hear just awakens me. I decided to find an app that could help me and I stumbled upon this app I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and it’s helped me so much I can fall asleep in about 20-30 mins while using this app you should definitely download 100% 💯
Worth every penny! by smithtabby
Before I started using this app, I could not stay asleep for longer than 3 hours. Now I’m able to get a full night’s rest without interruption. The app gives a huge selection of soothing sounds. It is definitely worth every penny.
Great for Overnight Shift Workers by A Graveyard Shifter
After switching to work overnight it’s been impossible to fall asleep and stay asleep. I found myself getting 4 hours of sleep a day and it would take an hour for me to fall asleep. Now I fall asleep quickly and I stay asleep. Worth the subscription!
Opinion from young user by Cardi B
This app helps me and relax and go to bed faster. It helps me sleep like a baby. It gets my heart beat to calm and for all the stress of everyday life to fade away. I really enjoy it. 10/10 would recommend. You can even use it while reading a book, relaxing, and or meditation.

And So Many More